What You Need to Write A Song:

  • An acoustic guitar

  • Knowledge of these 7 chords: A Am C D E Em F G

  • A Microphone

    • Something as simple as your cell phone can work (with an app like Soundcloud)

    • Or, You can get a professional microphone, digital interface, and mic stand for $200 at Guitar Center

  • A recording software

    • The most cost-efficient software is the free, open-source software known as “Audacity” (or, “GarageBand” for Mac users)

    • Other software can cost as much as $5,000 from Guitar Center or Sweetwater

  • A Lyrical concept – usually either funny and witty, or introspective and serious (of course; common themes are love, romance, and heartbreak)

  • A “Hook” – a repetitive melodic/lyrical combination that is simple but very memorable

That’s it!